About St. Anthony's


St. Anthony's Catholic Mission has been an historic provider of education in Palapye since the establishment of its first Adult Primary and Junior Secondary School in 1978. For the next 23 years the Mission was the only source of education for many youth and adults who had been excluded from the formal state system and the School fulfilled that function faithfully and nobly. During those years, the school had become an integral part of the Mission's ethos and, despite is closure after the 2001 school year, offering quality education to the community at large has remained an inseparable part of the vision and life of St. Anthony's Catholic Mission.

Mission leadership now have a strong desire to carry on with that vision and establish St. Anthony's Primary School in the same mould of historic Catholic education in Botswana and worldwide: available, affordable, high values, high standards. To achieve this vision, the Mission has retained a team of highly experienced, like-minded educationalists, who in partnership with Mission leadership, has established and managed a new primary school based upon the foundations of the old, bringing a ne option for private education to the community and revitalizing the vision if St, Anthony's Catholic Mission.


The vision of St. Anthony's Primary School is two-fold: